The story of our escape room is framed by the character of a contract killer nicknamed The Beak. We continually publish short stories and documents presenting this story from different points of view. 

Today it’s Mrs.Janečková, the caretaker of the building where the Medex agency is located. Here’s a transcript of an audio recording that was kept after journalist Karel Fiala.

Do I know the gang from the cellar? My dear, I know every single tenant here, see? Even old

Šafařík from the first floor – he’s kind of hard of hearing and keeps to himself but I can tell you a bit about him too. Or that new family that has just moved into the attic. Quiet people – you don’t see them much but I know that they have two kids, seven and eight years old, and that the older one, her name is Anička, takes ballet classes.

Oh, that Medex business. It’s a sort of office. They clean the hall regularly, not much noise and not many clients coming to see them. The director, an elegant gentleman, always wears a suit, greets you politely, sometimes even holds the door for me when we bump into each other in the morning. Not many people can do that these days, for your information.They open in the morning, don’t ask me when exactly, it depends, they ‘re just there in the morning and are gone in the evening. I never noticed a sign with their opening hours and believe me, if they’d put one up somewhere I would have noticed. And I don’t have to take out their rubbish, they do it themselves. In fact, I haven’t been downstairs yet. Well… I was there, but not in their office, get it? There are two businesses there. The photo studio of Miss Zuzana, a really nice young lady, always smiling. She took pictures of my grandchildren. And then that office, but I only know the closed door. They don’t want unwelcomed visitors. They must be doing some big business and are afraid to lose their … what’s the word? Know-how.

Does a tall guy in a mask go there? Young man, you watch way too many movies, don’t you? It’s a common business company. No, I don’t know what business they’re in. Something international I guess. They’d have a Czech name otherwise, wouldn’t they? No, I don’t find it weird that no one goes there and you know why? It’s called the Internet, you should know it, right? My granddaughter installed it in my phone and I can watch my favourite TV programme when I’m not doing the cleaning. Yeah, that’s possible nowadays, you’d be surprised. They say it’s connected through that Whi-ffy, or what do they call it. Look, I touch this picture here and it starts playing.

Yeah, you’re welcome. And listen, I should probably tell you thatMr. Director paid me to send him a message if somebody comes asking about him. Sure, you bet I did, son. As I was showing you the TV in my mobile, that’s a secret signal of ours, it’s supposed to beep in his smart phone…

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