You are in a study of Paul Slaumi, a French professor who devoted his life to puzzle solving. He was very good at that – he managed to crack each and every puzzle he ever dealt with. Only the last one became fateful for him … The door clicked shut behind you and can’t be opened; on a screen the time of 60 minutes appeared and is relentlessly counting down. In this room you will have to cooperate and think a lot; the professor might have been an eccentric, but a brilliant one. Will you be able to solve this superpuzzle? And one more question – do you like balls?

NOTICE: The doors of the escape rooms are not physically locked during the whole game, the emergency exit in case of fire is accessible all the time (as stipulated by Section 5 (1) (b) of the Act on Fire Protection with regard to Section 11 (3)( b) of the Decree on Fire Prevention).

The entire ESC Room (excluding the bathroom) is fitted with a camera system WITHOUT recording. Monitoring players during the game is an integral part of the game and is NOT used to identify people. By entering the space, you agree with monitoring of your person for such a period as is strictly necessary (game + introduction + conclusion).

  • 10 EUR per player
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Time for game: 60 minutes
  • Daily
  • Star of game: 14:15 / 16:15 / 18:15 / 20:15